10 Things That Were Invented In 2000

No one can deny the development of technology today. With the desire of most people to live a more convenient lifestyle come their different efforts to expand and maximize the progress of different technological devices which are very useful for everybody. Who would have thought that a single remote device could automatically open and close your heavy steel garage doors in Glendale? Indeed, science and technology offer us an opportunity to enjoy our daily lives in the most convenient way possible.

So here are the things that were invented in 2000. Which among them do you have?


-Cellular phones which are able to capture photos became only available in the market in the 2000’s. Different mobile companies started to develop cell phones with high-quality camera when consumers warmly accepted the idea of having a camera installed in your communication device.


-During the emergence of computers, technicians operate data transfer devices and data storage devices which are so huge they fit inside a room. That is why the high-technology community gave a very warm acceptance to this device called the Universal Serial Bus (USB). One can carry them anywhere and everywhere. While the first USB was invented in Israel in 1999, it was only in 2000 when it was first sold in the United States.


-The use of bluetooth is already prevalent in 1999 but it was in 2000 when electronic companies started to incorporate them into their products. From data transferring, operating of automatic devices and tools, Bluetooth is indeed very useful for so many people.


-This very famous car is among the first original cars powered by both gas and electricity. It was first invented in Japan in 1997 and became commercially available worldwide in 2001.


-Blu-ray discs are one of the major breakthroughs of technology. When they were launched in 2002, many people were amazed by its ability to support the world’s new high definition video and high storage capacity demands.


-It was in 2004 when a Harvard University student named Mark Zuckerberg created what would become the world’s largest social media network-Facebook. It was only available locally to Harvard students. But its popularity greatly increased and it already expanded worldwide in no time. As reported, there are 1.94 billion accounts which are active every month on Facebook.


-Youtube was born in 2005 under the collaborative efforts of Steve Chan and Jawed Karim. No one thought that Youtube would become the world’s largest video-sharing platform. Currently, it is reported to have billion active users. The first-ever video uploaded online via Youtube is “Karim at the San Diego Zoo”

8.)  WII

-Because of the high competition between game console companies such as Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo thought of a way on how to keep up with them. Nintendo was then able to invent a very unique game console that would allow users to get physically involved in their virtual game-the Wii. When it became commercially available in 2006, it immediately received positive remarks from virtual game enthusiasts.

9.) iPHONE

-In 2007, Steve Jobs was able to present a revolutionary and a major communication device breakthrough. His presentation of iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco marked the humans’ change in their perception of mobile phones. Since then, iPhone became one of the most popular mobile phones sold in worldwide.


-After iPhone reached its peak, its rival companies did its best to keep up with them and cater the needs and interests of mobile phone enthusiasts. The Android Inc. created the Android operating system in 2003. Then it’s first Android smartphone was officially released in October 2008.


Tips and Tricks

Here are some practical information that can be useful to you for all your renovation projects, from a simple change of counter to the expansion of your house.


Here are some renovation tips that can make a difference:

-To stay within a reasonable budget, respect water arrivals and evacuations (expensive plumbing costs).

-A new floor followed by a bit of paint and voila!

-Changing the handles on furniture can rejuvenate it. If the budget allows it, change its doors without touching the cabinets.

-Refresh your accessories (soap dish, trash can, towel handler, candles etc.)

-The lighting makes all the difference! (Hint: add a dimmer)

-Be creative: want something you’ve never had? Do something you’ve never done! Add a bright color (on walls or in your accessories), a mirror on the wall above the bath, beautiful frames, etc.


Here are some questions, answers and tips that will guide you in the right direction and help you save some time.

  1. Make a list

Why do you want to renovate your kitchen? Want more storage? Modernize the style? What elements would you change : cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, backsplash ? Do you want to add an island (central unit)? Make a list of everything you want to renovate in order of importance. Thus, if along the process you need to eliminate some options to stay within your budget, you can eliminate those from the bottom of your list!

  1. Budget

This is the basis of everything. It will let you know what you will be able to achieve on your list and allows you to determine the amount that will be allocated to each task. Ex: $ 7,000 for kitchen cabinets, $ 2,500 for household, $ 400 for paint, etc. (It’s possible that you don’t know the cost of some of the work, please refer to the 3rd paragraph.) Remember to allocate 80% of the original budget for the entire project. This way, if changes or unforeseen should occur, you can stay within your budget.

Getting a plan and a quote allows you to avoid wasted time and costly changes. With a plan created by a kitchen designer, coordination of job shifts is set in advance which greatly reduces time and expenses. The money invested in a plan and an estimate is never lost because you can avoid costly surprises and changes that may affect your budget.

  1. Materials

Be ready: shop for your materials (furniture, fixtures, colors, etc.) by flipping through magazines such as DécorMag, JeDécore. This will help you avoid making choices in a hurry and will ensure you a look you’ll love.

  1. What to provide

Obtaining a permit from the city (each city has different criteria)

Space for the installation of a temporary kitchen

The ability to move elsewhere if you need to achieve major renovations

Inform your neighbours of future work (noise, waste container, etc.)


Building a Home

Every person dreams of owning a home. When one decides to carry out that dream, a person is bound to be conflicted on whether to buy an existing house in the market, a fixer-upper, or build one from a scratch. Under a strict budget, one would consider the first two options to be great deals. However, building your own still has its own allure.

Why build your own?

Building a home takes a lot of considerations, from finding the most appropriate land, to considering the designers and builders to hire, deciding every little component that goes with the house, and even up to finding builder or repair shops in the area such as garage door repair sedona. With the variety of permits to be acquired, one may find that undertaking all these may not be as convenient as just buying a ready-made one.

One convenient thing with the existence of the World Wide Web is that, it is easier to see the choice existing in the market. It is easier now to outsource services needed for a new home that makes the aforementioned consideration nothing but a product of over thinking. One just needs to be critical in reviewing the available options and making comparisons to be able to pull out the best service available.

The advantage of building your own home is the leeway to mold it into something you really want. You are free to let yourself get wild over choosing the shape you want it to achieve, the size of the master bedroom, the number of windows, the height of the ceiling and the overall structure – whether you want it to be an open floor plan or not. You’d be able to install the right garage for you, whether contemporary or traditional-raised, in wood, steel, vinyl or glass, among others. You’d also have the choice of utilizing more durable, modern, and eco-friendly materials that are product of enhanced technology. In short, it will be the epitome of your dream home and not just a left-over of other people’s.

Aside from achieving the aesthetics, one advantage of a newly-built house is the feeling of starting a new.  You get the feeling of being accomplished with the evidence of your investment over your head. Plus, you need not worry that you’d be dealing with hidden flaws brought about by older houses.

Is a building a new house costly?

The common misconception in investing in a home is that building a new one generates a relatively higher cost. It may take a lot of effort to start from scratch but the overall cost depends on the contractor and the materials you’re going to choose for the construction.

To lessen the cost, choose the right builder with the right contacts. Some builders know where to outsource the cheapest materials without the compromised quality. They may even give you a lot of options to choose from. Being in an industry, they already have various suppliers depending on the needs of their clients. All you have to do is know your options and ask 2-3 experts on the materials before diving into the construction.

There is no assurance as well that choosing a ready-made house would not incur more cost. For instance, in choosing a house that is for sale in the market, you do not simply pick it, fix the papers and move in. There are several adjustments you need to do to make it liveable. There is a need for repairs that, depending on the damage, may cost you more. You cannot also be sure that it is well-maintained that in a couple of year or so, it won’t need overhauling that would be more expensive than just building yourself a new one.

Renovations of the existing structure in choosing an old home requires tearing down of previously installed walls to make way to a room better suited to your needs. Since this requires double the job, the expenditure in this type of project is doubled.

Calculating above mentioned expenses, choosing an old real estate might mean that you may be just exhausting the same amount of money as you would be when choosing to build your own, if not more. Whether it is as fulfilling would remain to be seen. But at the end of the day, there is no better feeling than the sense of pride and ownership you gain when looking at something that is all yours –concept and otherwise.