Can I receive weekly updates/recipe from your website?

-Of course! We encourage our readers to subscribe on our website to receive weekly updates and recipe from us. Our editorial team is carefully crafting each article so that we can give our readers what is best for them. With the help of our resident food expert and nutritionist, the news letters that we provide weekly will definitely be filled with all the things you know about eating and cooking.

How do I subscribe on your website?

-Subscribing from us is very easy. All you need to do is to log in your Blet 75 account, which is the one that the website gave you when you registered. Just click “subscribe” and you will receive our weekly updates. You may choose to edit which type of news items you would like to receive from us. In you profile, just go to the edit profile section and go to the subscription section. You may select the type of newsletters you want to receive from us.

Can I contribute my own recipe?

Yes! There is a section on your profile which is called My Recipe. You may upload your own version on that section. You may set it to PUBLIC for everyone to see or to PRIVATE which will make your account more of like your online recipe storage. People you add on this website can see your recipe. It can also be featured so that everyone, including people you are not following, can see your uploaded recipe.

Can I add photos for my recipe?

-You can customize your recipe page however you want. This means that you can put whatever photo you would like to add. You can also invent your own recipe,. You can get an idea on our recipe board on which ingredients would be best to combine. You can have the freedom to include whatever you want as long as it would satisfy your taste and your health standard.