Angulo Quad Channel Kiteboards Banned

On August 20 2011 the organizers of the  Maui Race Series informed 60 year old Monte Bell that he would not be allowed to race his Angulo Quad Channel Thruster in the race series as it was setup . The race organizers let Monte know that he had an unfair advantage in the races . This is due to the fact that these boards Rock !!! Their upwind ability when setup with the right fins is sick. Comparable to raceboards and yet totally fun and controllable off the wind. Literally the best of both worlds. Great for the majority of riders that want to race and point super high but hate those raceboards. If you want a surfboard that races , this is your board . These particular boards came with toe-side deck indentations to increase the toe-side leverage and positioning of your foot.

Now personally, I think the organizers were totally justified in banning us , because when coupled with some Paolo Rista race fins, these boards were definitely not your everyday surfboard . Oh well, it was worth a try . Heres some of the other boards..



Lucky for you though, these boards arent banned from anywhere else. Only Monte , with his big bad Paolo Rista fins , at our local races. So drop us a line today and pick up your very own Mark Angulo Custom Quad Channel  Raceboard for US $1250. Complete with your one of a kind spray job.

For some of Monte and Paolos sick racing fins

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Bellair Kite Wing


I dont believe in coincidences . I dont believe in chance encounters, an accidental meeting of someone, that inadvertently drops into your life. Just doesnt exist.
In late 2005 I met Monte in a place called “My Brothers Keeper”. It was a Christian home headed by Pastor Mark Dung and his wife BJ. It was a place to reconnect with our faith in Jesus and try put our lives back in order. To me , Monte was an unassuming older guy, looking a little burnt out and broken down from whatever the turmoil was in his life. I had learned not to care what others problems were by then, the most important thing was that they had come to this place to make a change. I was sure if his situation was anything like mine, a broken marriage, a family who had been forced to separate themselves from the situation, legal issues, financial dramas, physical and spiritual depletion then he was in the right place . You see, this was no 30 day get better quick gimic, this was a one year commitment . I think I had been there about 8 months when Monte showed up. He probably thought I was just some burnt out surfer ( not far from the truth) and we didnt pay much attention to each other. That was until we had a conversation one morning, and the name of a mutual friend of ours popped up. It was Klaus Obermeyer and his father who without knowing it brought us together. Then began the stories from Monte about skiing and flying and hang-gliding and testing and crashing and building wings, gliders and
kites. Obviously he was a kitesurfer , but I didnt hold that against him, he was one of us now. I was in full-on building mode for my father Ed Angulo now and he mentioned he would like me to build him a kiteboard. I built him a sick little 6′ double wing , half moon tail, single concave, tow board style board. He loved it and so our collaboration had begun. He had mentioned something about a wing at some point but I didnt pay much attention to it. That was until he approached me in May of 2010 and told me he had raised enough money , and he wanted me to build him a 17′ styro / epoxy wing. complete with a split fuselage that had wing movement limiters and support bars for the wings and inlaid carbon tubing for free flowing movement. Inserts and plugs and an adjustable connecting point with different settings at 1″ increments .There were no ailerons, he called it “pitcheron”. Achieving pitch and roll control by rotating each wing individually about a pivot axis that is parallel to the wings. A super nuts project , and way out of my league, so obviously I said yes.

My first wing was completed in the first week of July 2010 :

July 2010

This thing was super fun to build, very difficult but it introduced me to an insane tight weave 6oz glass which I now use on almost every one of my products. It was important to lineup the wings before I built the fuselage in order to get the airflow right! Then I proceeded to build the fuselage.

I built the bottom half first and then the top , and then started fitting it all together.



Then it really began to take shape.  At first I wasnt sure we could do it properly , but now I could see we were on the home stretch.

Then I painted it

I delivered the wing to Monte Bell and he tested it for awhile and then came back to me in 2011 and said he wanted to rebuild the fuselage and make it 8′ wide and then insert the wings unto it. The Bellair kite wing becoming 24′ wide ! Pretty sick. So Monte built the new foam flows and we cut out the new profiles and I built the new fuselage.

Monte Bell is a great source of historical flight info. He’s like the mad scientist of flying !

Then , before we knew it , the Bellair kitewing was finished.

Monte and I finally get to see it all put together for the first time !

Look at the aerodynamics of this wing, its so nice, Monte is really incredible. The funny thing was I was flying by the seat of my pants the whole way, but Monte new exactly what he wanted and where we were headed.  When he was excited and pleased with the outcome, I knew it was bad!

So there it is!  Monte and his Bellair wing. Dont be surprised when you see him flying around in the water with it. As a friend of Monte Bell I will say it is incredibly rewarding to see him light up every time he starts talking about flying and kiting and sailing and wings  and Gods grace ! It has been an honor to go through the process of building this wing with Monte . Stay tuned for Montes’ next mission, its gonna blow you away!

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