Things That Started To Exist In 2000

Technology have this incredible ability of making a huge development with a limited amount of time. It was proven to have this particular characteristic where in just a snap of a finger; something new to you that is made of technology is already present in front of you. This amazing thing about technology has affected different lives today.

From the business industry up to the daily living inside our houses, we can feel the power of technology; we can say that technology indeed is something miraculously existing in our lives. Imagine a world without lights, without electricity, without computers, without mobile phones, without vacuum cleaners, without washing machines, with automated steel garage doors in Glendale, Kansas, Arizona, Phoenix or Oklahoma City. Maybe you won’t be able to picture the world without these things where we already depended on.

Below is the list of the things that were invented by technology came 2000. Observe how fast things changed way back then.


It was in 2003 when The Android Inc. gave birth to the idea of the existence of these smart phones. Nobody expected before that people would be so dependent on these gadgets now. In 2008, they launched their first model. It was also the same year iPhones kicked in the industry.

  • iPhone

Way back in 2007, a man by the name Steve Jobs unintentionally presented a new gadget that would change how people view convenience in their lives. This was the year they launched the first-ever iPhone unit in the market. Ever since he introduced it to the public, it became the most popular mobile phones today.

  • WII

When WII was invented by gaming company, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft were busy propagating sole consoles in the market. Nintendo thought of a very clever way to keep up with these companies. What he did was he invented the first-ever gaming console which allowed the players to get involved in the game physically.

  • Youtube

­-Youtube is now the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet. When it was born in 2005, its creators, Steve Chan and Jawed Karim did not thought that Youtube would make them millionaires. It has now millions of users and is currently in partnership with different marketing niche.

  • Facebook

-Another social media channel which did not expect to boom in the market is Facebook. Its developer, Mark Zuckerberg started it as a network only available for Harvard students. Later on, it became available to other countries as well. Currently, Facebook is considered to be one of the most successful websites in the history.

  • Blu-ray disk

-These colorful disks is also considered as one of the major breakthroughs of technology in the course of human history. This has served many users as it became one of the first storage discs that were available in the market.

  • Camera Phones

-Yes! You heard it right. Camera phones were only available in the market way back 2000’s. mobile companies decided to upgrade their mobile products and cameras. So they thought of combining the two. The result is now what we enjoy to use when taking selfies!